Marty has had the great pleasure of studying the magnificent art of mime with some of the greatest mimes in the world, including Marcel Marceau, world renown Stephan Niedzialkowski, Tony Montenaro, and extrordinary performer teacher Nell Natcheva among others. His clown training includes the prestigious clown school of Ringling Bros. clown college, Instruction with former Ringling Circus Clown Dennis "Dash" Hall, and the Clown Jewels.

With as much training as Marty has had in mime and clowning a remarkable "Ace up his sleeve
" is his improvisational artistry. A true master of his form. He will bring magic to the moment no matter what the event. He uses everything in his environment like a Rembrandt uses many colors in his pallet to create a masterpiece. There will be many delightful surprises!


"Only a master clown could do what you just did!"
                                   -Joe Bauer
Manager of Tarzan Zerbini Shrine Circus

"Marty that was a virtuosic performance!!"
                        -Ruth Edmond Hill
Oral History Coordinator, Harvard University

"That was pure genius!"
                          -Eleanor Lenke
Well known Drama coach and actress.


Marty Levin the Clown With a Heart